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timcurryfans's Journal

Tim Curry Obsessive
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Welcome to Tim Curry Fans, a community entirely dedicated to the great actor and musician. I was looking for a Curry-dedicated community but had no success (also thanks to the search feature being down) therefore I decided to create one: here it is.

The community was created and is mantained by nageki. Contact her for informations, questions .. anything you need to know.
E-MAIL: donnie_darko79@hotmail.com

1) Do not post test results or surveys unless they concern Tim Curry, his movies and of course The Rocky Horror Picture Show

2) Absolutely no begging for codes (there's a community for that stuff, do yourself a favour and use it)

3) If you want to post pictures, please use the LJ-CUT feature. If you don't know what it is, visit the following link.

4) Don't be rude, respect the other members. This is a friendly community and shall remain as such.