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shameless plug, but you guys may want to know aboot it anyveys! *shrug*

I heart Tim Curry, but alas, I moved and I just need to get rid of some stuff. So I figured I'd sell two Tim movies on ebay, one is really rare and out of Print, "Blue Money" from 1984 (he's really sexeh in it, from back in the day >:D with his little curly mop) and I also decided to throw in "Passed Away" for what-evs. If you're interested, I'm selling both for 10 buckaroos at the moment heruuree. I am also thinking of selling 3 records of his and a best of CD...but I am not sure if I want to give them up just yet, but I prolly will. I 'po. :B
But if anyone is interested, just holla via lj and I will prolly sell all for like, 30$. :B

btw, are they still playing that cartoon with the girl that could talk to animals and stuff [i am having a major brain fart right now...] that he did a voice for? poppets!?
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